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Death of Health Workers Increasing Sharp, IDI Asks Discipline Communities to Apply Health Protocols.

Jakarta-Indonesia, BARBARETO.COM – The number of deaths of doctors and health workers in Indonesia due to Covid-19 has increased sharply. Data compiled by the PB IDI Mitigation Team, the latest Update on September 17 2020 at 14.00 WIB stated that within 3 days since the last data was released, two general practitioners died, this adds to the total 117 Indonesian doctors who died from exposure to Covid-19. The two doctors came from Jakarta and East Java.

Dr. Adib Khumaidi, SpOT, as Chairman of the PB IDI Mitigation Team, said that the faster and sharper death rate for doctors shows that people are still ignorant of the health protocols called for by health workers and the government.

“We represent all health workers in Indonesia who understand that there are economic needs that also need to be considered. However, we ask the community as the frontline in handling Covid to be disciplined in implementing health protocols in their daily activities. This is not only for the safety of health workers, but also the safety of yourself and those around you. This pandemic will never end if it is not accompanied by the participation of all elements of society. And this of course will also have a negative impact not only on health but also on the national economy in a prolonged manner. ” Adib said that with the number of doctors who continued to fall off, it would be a big job to continue to be able to provide a proportion in health services, health workers are now the last bastion in handling Covid-19.

“Indonesia has not even reached the peak of the pandemic, the first wave of this pandemic due to the indiscipline of health protocols. massive. If this continues, Indonesia will become the epicenter of Covid-19 in the world, which of course will have an even worse impact on the economy and health of our country.” he explained.

Meanwhile, DR. Dr. Eka Ginanjar, SpPD, KKV, MARS as Chairman of the PB IDI Mitigation Team Protocol Team said that the number of deaths of people and health workers in Indonesia is the highest in Asia.

Whereas with the discipline of implementing 3M’s health and behavior protocol, namely always Wearing Masks, Maintaining Distance, and diligently washing hands properly, the rate of transmission and death in all layers can be reduced as is the case in other countries.

“Our job for health workers will be meaningless without the participation of the community in implementing health protocols,” concluded Eka.


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